The Complete Guide to Structure of a Dissertation

So, you have chosen your dissertation topic and also conducted experiments and got fantastic findings that cannot be wait to be published but only one thing is left here, which is writing dissertation. Everyone freaks out with the name of academic writing but don’t we…

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44 Interesting Linguistics Dissertation Topics

Linguistics is the research and study of languages and their different compositions. Such compositions include phonology, spelling, syntax, pragmatics, semantics, phonetics, and morphology. General linguistics focuses more on the study and comparison of different languages worldwide. This usually identifies the similarities and differences between languages…

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How to Cite a Thesis or Dissertation in MLA

One of the important parts of creating your thesis or dissertation is the citation; this is merely a reference or a quotation from a related academic piece. This academic work usually refers to both theses and dissertations. A thesis is a document submitted to earn…

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